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Pool Usage Policy
(Revised April 2011)


During the pool season June 1 through August 31, pool parties will be limited to 50 people per party with the following restrictions; 

  • A Red Cross certified lifeguard is required for all pool parties.

  • Pool parties of 1 to 25 people will not require an additional lifeguard if two (2) lifeguards are on duty. 

  • If the party exceeds 25 people, regardless if they use the pool or not, the member must pay for an additional lifeguard or provide their own Red Cross certified lifeguard. 

  • If there is no lifeguard or only one lifeguard on duty, the member must provide one certified lifeguard for 1 to 25 people and two lifeguards for 25 to 50 people. 

  • All non-member guests must be made aware of the pool rules.

  • Any group of children age 9 and younger must have adult supervision at all times. There must be at least one responsible adult for every six children present.

  • Any group of children aged 10 through 17 must have one adult for every ten children present.

  • All paper work required for parties must be completed (CCCA Party Registration Form). At least 48 hours before the party the member must provide management with a list of the full names of all expected guest.

  • If you are providing your own lifeguard the office must have a copy of the lifeguard’s Red Cross certification card 48 hours before your scheduled party or your party will be canceled.

  • The Site Manager may restrict pool area usage for pool parties on weekends, holidays and otherwise as deemed appropriate to ensure access to pool area by all members.

During the pool season (June 1st through August 31st ), if the member is unable to secure a lifeguard for their pool party a Countryside lifeguard, if available, may be hired at a rate of $15 per hour per lifeguard.
After Labor Day there will be no pool parties booked unless the member can provide their own Red Cross certified lifeguard. (Also, see Pool Rules)
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